Aidan of Whiteshore
Character Description
Age 20s
Gender Male
Title None
Ethnicity Erin
Alias None
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Unknown
Height Tall
Mother Unnamed Lady of Whiteshore
Father Lord Murtaugh of Whiteshore
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Other relations Rathnait (betrothed)
Significant Other None
Allegiance Inis Eala, Johnny's band, Whiteshore.
Residence Inis Eala (formerly)
Aidan is one of Johnny's men and personal guards. He is the youngest son of Lord Murtagh of Whiteshore, and is Cathal's best friend and foster brother.   


At the beginning of Heir to SevenwatersClodagh is in love with him, but falls out of love when she finds out from Cathal that Aidan is expected to marry another girl, Rathnait, back at Whiteshore and has been lying to her about it. Aidan seems genuinely remorseful about his actions, and tries to make it up to Clodagh.

When Finbar is taken and Cathal is accused of helping the kidnapper, Aidan doesn't believe Cathal would do such a thing, and tells Lord Sean and Johnny. He argues with Johnny when Johnny orders him to hunt Cathal, and only agrees to do as Johnny says when Johnny threatens to cast him out of his band of warriors. In the forest Aidan confronts Cathal as he and Clodagh board a raft to cross the river to the Otherworld. When Aidan sees Clodagh choose Cathal over him he stands frozen, doing nothing as Cathal and Clodagh leave.  

Aidan is killed in the middle of the novel, by an evil prince of the Fair FolkMac Dara, who also happens to be Cathal's father. Cathal is grief-stricken over his death, as he cared about Aidan and is afraid that Aidan thought that Cathal had killed him.

Physical appearanceEdit

Aidan is tall and broad-shouldered, with a strong-boned face, well-kept hair and friendly eyes. He bears the markings of a lark around his eye and nose.


Though Aidan is a good person at heart, he has a jealous streak, which can make him act cruelly at times. When Cathal and Aidan were nine years old, Aidan killed a dog Lord Murtagh had given Cathal as a present, because he was jealous of his father's attention on Cathal. 





Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Murtagh of Whiteshore
  • Mother: Unnamed woman
  • Siblings: Cathal (foster brother)