Character Description
Name Coll
Age  ???
Gender Male
Title None
Ethnicity Erin, Briton
Alias None
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale
Hair Colour  ???
Eye Colour  ???
Height Short
Mother Liadan
Father Bran
Siblings Johnny, Fintan, Cormack
Children None
Other relations  ???
Significant Other None
Allegiance Harrowfield, Sevenwaters
Residence Sevenwaters
Coll is the youngest son to Liadan and Bran. 


During the events of Child of the Prophecy and Heir to Sevenwaters Coll is being fostered at Sevenwaters and can be found making mischief with his cousin Eilis, who like him is very cheeky and adventurous. In Child of the Prophecy Coll befriends Fainne, Ciaran and Niamh's daughter, and plays with her at Inis Eala. This however catches the attention of the Lady Oonagh who curses Coll into a serious illness. Coll recovers from the illness eventually, and is quickly back on his feet.

In Heir to Sevenwaters, Coll is being fostered at Sevenwaters, and can be seen playing with Eilis and being minded by Clodagh.

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