'twixt fireliht abnd warer
Character Description
Name Conri
Age 35 (in physical appearance)
Gender Male
Title None
Ethnicity Erin, Fair Folk
Alias Fiacha
Physical Description
Skin colour  ???
Hair Colour  ???
Eye Colour  ???
Height  ???
Mother Lady Oonagh
Father Unknown
Siblings Ciaran
Children None
Other relations  ???
Significant Other Loch (betrothed, deceased), Aisha (wife)
Allegiance Xinon
Residence Xinon
Conri, also known as the raven Fiacha, is the Lady Oonagh's son and Aisha's husband. He was cast under a spell by the Lady Oonagh for helping Lord Colum, Diarmid and Cormack rescue Ciaran from her. This spell was only broken when Aisha, daughter of Padriac, agreed to marry Conri in order to break the curse set on him.


Early LifeEdit

Son of the ShadowsEdit

Conri is given to Liadan as a gift for helping Niamh escape her abusive husband. Ciaran tells her that when she is most in need of help can use the raven to send a message and help will come. During his time with Liadan the raven acts as a guard, helping her to look after little Johnny and warning her of possible danger. He accompanies Liadan and Johnny to Sidhe Dubh where Liadan finally calls for the help she needs. Conri immediately flies to Ciaran, who travels to Sidhe Dubh and casts a spell so that Liadan, Bran and Gull can finish crossing the marshes safely. Afterward, Conri returns to Kerry with Ciaran.    

Child of the ProphecyEdit

When Fainne is four years old, Conri pecks her shoulder, giving her a permanent scar (the mark of the raven). He accompanies Ciaran when he leaves Kerry and when he arrives on the Islands to confront his mother.  

Heir to SevenwatersEdit

Conri guides Clodagh through the Otherworld when she returns there to free Cathal, and helps the couple escape Mac Dara and come back into the human world.  

'Twixt Firelight and WaterEdit

Conri and Ciaran come across Aisha, daughter of Padriac, in the Sevenwaters forest, who is travelling to the Sevenwaters keep to meet the family there. Sensing an opportunity to free Conri from his curse, Ciaran tells Aisha of it and the terms of its breaking. After some consideration, Aisha agrees to wed Conri in order to break the curse upon him. Ciaran promptly hand-fasts them and Conri is freed. The couple then go to Sevenwaters together, where they stay briefly as Aisha had originally planned for herself, before returning to Xixon to live.     

Physical appearanceEdit






Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Unknown
  • Mother: Lady Oonagh
  • Siblings: Ciaran
  • Spouse: Aisha
  • In-laws:
    • Mother-in-law: Samara (biological mother of Aisha, deceased), Maria (first stepmother of Aisha, deceased), Mercedes (second stepmother of Aisha)
    • Father-in-law: Padriac
    • Siblings-in-law: Fernando, Carmen, Dolores, Luis, Juan 
  • Children:
    • None as yet
  • Grandchildren:
    • None as yet