Character Description
Name Felix
Age 20 (in Seer of Sevenwaters)
Gender Male
Title None
Ethnicity Armorican
Alias Ardal
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale
Hair Colour Chestnut-brown
Eye Colour dark-blue
Height average
Mother Unnamed
Father Unnamed
Siblings Paul (deceased)
Children Unnamed daughter
Other relations  ???
Significant Other Sibeal (wife)
Allegiance Brethren of Brigid
Residence Kerry
Felix is the male protagonist of the fifth Sevenwaters book, Seer of Sevenwaters.

Unlike the previous Sevenwaters male leads, Felix is no clan chieftain or warrior, but a scholar, thus forming with the heroine Sibeal, who is studying to become a druid, a natural bond.

Felix, originally from Armorica, accompanies his brother on a mission to a foreign country, but their ship stumbles upon a mysterious island after getting lost in a storm. Felix's brother Paul goes with others to find shelter and supplies on the island. While they are gone Knut, another passenger, convinces the others to leave the island without them. Paul returns just in time, but the others are left behind. Paul tries to stop Knut, who ties his hands and feet together as a punishment. When the ship is shipwrecked, Felix tries to untie his brother's hands and feet but cannot, and is swept away.

Felix is rescued by Sibeal, and when he wakes up he cannot remember anything about himself or his history. On Inis Eala, he forms a bond with Sibeal, who helps nurse him, and befriends Gull, the healer on the Island. His memory comes back gradually, and he starts to remember Knut's treachery. Knut, who survived the shipwreck and is staying on the island, threatens Felix and warns him not to tell anyone about what Knut has done. Knut even eventually tries to kill Felix, but is foiled by Sibeal. Then Felix recalls what had happened, and insists on returning to the island to rescue the crew they left behind.