Character Description
Name Padriac
Age 13-17 (Daughter of the Forest)

36 (Son of the Shadows)

50s ('Twixt Firelight and Water)

Gender Male
Title None
Ethnicity Erin
Alias None
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale, tanned after travels
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Height Short
Mother Niamh (I)
Father Colum
Siblings Liam, Diarmid, Cormack, Conor, Finbar, Sorcha, Ciarán
Children Aisha, Fernando, Luis, Carmen, Dolores, Juan
Other relations Lady Oonagh (stepmother)

Sean (nephew)

Niamh, Liadan (nieces)

Fainne (niece/great-niece)

Johnny, Fintan, Cormack, Coll, Finbar (great-nephews)

Muirrin, Deirdre, Clodagh, Maeve, Sibeal, Eilis (great-nieces)

Danny (great-nephew/great-great-nephew)

Niamh (great-niece/great-great-niece)

Oisin, Ronan, unnamed boy (great-great-nephews)

Emer, Firinne, unnamed girl (great-great-nieces)

Significant Other Samara (first wife, deceased), Maria (second wife, presumably deceased), Mercedes (third wife)
Allegiance Galicia
Residence Xixon
Padriac is the sixth son of Lord Colum. He is a sailor and seldom visits Sevenwaters. He has been married three times and has six children. He was the least affected by the curse. He loves helping injured animals and building things.


Daughter of the ForestEdit

Padriac is a young boy in his early teens. Before the Lady Oonagh's arrival, Padriac helps animals heal from wounds and keeps them in the barn. He also creates new tools for the family to use. After the Lady Oonagh's arrival, he is furious at Cormack when he injures the dog Linn, and is devastated when all his animals die one by one. During the curse, Sorcha notes that he is the least affected by it, mostly because he enjoys new experiences. After the curse is broken, it is implied that Padriac misses being able to fly but decides to concentrate his efforts on building and learning to sail a boat. Padriac leaves Sevenwaters eventually to explore the world. In 'Twixt Firelight and Water, it is implied that he did so to get away from the memories the place evokes.            

Son of the ShadowsEdit

Padriac appears briefly when he comes for Sorcha's death and funeral. He causes a small spectacle by arriving with a parrot on his shoulder with some of his crewmates and a dark-skinned woman named Samara, who may or may not be his sweetheart. The day after the funeral he leaves for Glencarnagh, Seamus Redbeard's home. Padriac does not attend Liam's funeral, because he has already left Glencarnagh and would be unable to arrive at Sevenwaters in time.       

Later LifeEdit

After many adventures, Padriac settles in Galicia and has many children. His first wife, Samara, is killed during a sea journey, and they have one daughter, Aisha. Padriac marries twice more, and has five other children. He becomes well respected in Galicia for his tradeships. Fifty years after the end of Daughter of the Forest, Padriac encourages his eldest daughter Aisha to travel to Sevenwaters to meet the Irish branch of the family. He does not go with her, however, because he is content to stay where he is, and he tells her he is 'too old' to travel so far. He wishes her well and tells her that he would like to hear all about her visit when she returns.

Physical appearanceEdit

Padriac has brown hair and blue eyes.


Padriac is very adventurous. He loves mending animals and creating new tools to use. He is very easy-going and takes things in stride. Out of all of Sorcha's brothers he was the least affected by the curse.  





Family TreeEdit