Character Description
Name Sorcha
Age 13 (at beginning of Daughter of the Forest)

16 (at end of Daughter of the Forest)

34 (in Son of the Shadows)

Gender Female
Title Lady
Ethnicity Erin
Alias Jenny, Lady Sorcha
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale
Hair Colour Dark
Eye Colour Fey-green
Height Short
Mother Niamh (I)
Father Colum
Siblings Liam, Diarmid, Cormack, Conor, Finbar, Padriac, Ciaran
Children Niamh, Sean, Liadan
Other relations Lady Oonagh (stepmother)
Significant Other Hugh of Harrowfield (husband)
Allegiance Sevenwaters
Residence Sevenwaters
Sorcha is the heroine of the first book in the Sevenwaters series, Daughter of the Forest. She is the youngest and only daughter of Lord Colum's seven children, sister to Liam, Diarmid, Conor, Cormack, Finbar, and Padriac. When her brothers are cast under a terrible curse, she saves them by sewing shirts made of starwort. 


Early LifeEdit

Sorcha's mother died giving birth to her, and for thirteen years she was raised by her six older brothers. Her father, shattered by the loss of his wife, closed off his heart towards his children, and focused on fighting in the feud between Sevenwaters and Northwoods. Hence, Sorcha grew up believing that her father did not love her and that he hated her for causing the death of her mother.          


Daughter of the Forest Edit

Sorcha is the central character of Daughter of the Forest. She is thirteen years old at the beginning of the story, and is a bit of a tomboy, and innocent of what goes on in the real world outside Sevenwaters. Early in the novel, she assists her brother Finbar with rescuing a Briton which her father had captured and subjected to torture to find out what he knew. She later secretly helps heal the Briton, which changes her view of the world and her people forever. From a vision of the Lady of the Forest, Sorcha discovers that the Briton, Simon, is the first step on the road to her destiny.

As Simon is recovering, Sorcha is forced to abandon him as she has to return home to meet the Lady Oonagh, who is to be Colum's new wife. Sorcha soon sees Oonagh for who she truly is: an evil sorceress that bodes no good for the people of Sevenwaters. Oonagh tries to gain information from Sorcha about each of her brothers, so that she can use it against them, but Sorcha refuses to speak, although she cannot keep Oonagh out completely. 

When her brothers are cast under a spell by the Lady Oonagh, Sorcha is tasked with freeing them from the curse by sewing six shirts made of starwort, and she must stay silent until the task is complete. She faces many hardships, and eventually falls into the hands of Hugh of Harrowfield, also known as Red, who takes her with him to Harrowfield where Sorcha lives for nearly a year. Gradually, Sorcha and Hugh of Harrowfield fall in love, although Sorcha does not know herself that she is in love. When the curse is broken and Sorcha returns to Sevenwaters with her brothers, she realizes that she loves him, but believes that she has realized it too late. But Red leaves Harrowfield behind and comes to Sevenwaters to be with Sorcha. At first the household is suspicious of him, but Lord Colum soon agrees to him staying. Red and Sorcha then have an open relationship, and by the end of the novel Sorcha is pregnant with her first child, Niamh.            


Son of the ShadowsEdit

In Son of the Shadows, Sorcha is the central pillar of the Sevenwaters family. Although older and ill, her opinion in all matters is highly valued. Her brothers never tell her of the old evil returning, so that she is not distressed in her final days. She dies in the middle of the novel, of what would now be called uterinary cancer.  

Physical appearanceEdit

Sorcha has curly dark hair and fey-green eyes, and a slight build. She is almost the exact image of her mother, Niamh, so much that Lord Colum cannot bear to look at her at times while he is alive.    


Sorcha is kind and gentle, but filled with quiet determination. She possesses a steadfast work ethic, as she spends her days treating the sick and tending to her gardens, growing food, herbs, and flowers.

Due to her affection for animals, Sorcha refuses to eat meat and most often walks barefoot, as she doesn't wish for an animal to die so she can have shoes.

Sorcha has a deep love for the forest, her home, and her brothers. She is especially close to Finbar, as they share a psychic bond and a fondness for solitude. When she learns of Liam's plans to marry, she's resistant to the idea of change, as she's comfortable with the life she knows.

However, Sorcha proves to be adaptable when her brothers are turned into swans, as she goes into hiding and works for three years to finish the magic ritual that will save them. During this time she overcomes rape, depression, persecution, and imprisonment, emerging triumphant in the end with her strength, endurance, and sense of familial loyalty.


Hugh of HarrowfieldEdit

Sorcha first meets Hugh of Harrowfield (also known as Red) when he saves her from drowning in the river. Initially, she is afraid of him, because of the feud, and believes that he is holding her hostage. As she travels with him to Harrowfield, she gradually falls in love with him, although she does not know it until she has returned to Sevenwaters.

Sorcha and Red have a loving relationship. Red is extremely protective of her, and when Sorcha falls ill he is almost always at her side, and gives her the love and support she needs. Shortly before her death, Sorcha tells Red to return to Harrowfield to discover what happened to Margery's son Johnny, knowing that he would need a new purpose to help him deal with his grief.      


Out of all her brothers, Sorcha is closest to Finbar. They share a sort of telepathy, and are able to read each others thoughts, though Finbar becomes adept at shielding some of his thoughts from Sorcha. When Finbar leaves Sevenwaters at the end of Daughter of the Forest, everyone believes that he has drowned except Sorcha.   


Family TreeEdit